Pia MYrvoLD TIME MACHINE 7- 30 May 2019 off/Venice Biennale 2019

Official opening TIME MACHINE with the presence of Norwegian Ambassador to Italy, Margit Tveiten 7 May at 4PM.


The installation TIME MACHINE, nr 11 in the #LightHackSculptureseries, is not a time travel machine, but rather a machine that produces time.

Today, our time has been commodified, ivaded, measured and digitally recorded, we are constantly pushed forward in a breathless agenda of meetings, doings, tasks, deadlines, preparing ourself for our future.

TIME MACHINE, represents the infinity of time, by presenting light and video loops, that in a random and poetic light travel, creates a space, free of time. There is no commitment, no expectations from the spectator,  but to visit and produce her or his own time within the work.

In Venice, the new site specific installation will be mounted in the ancient Chiesa SS Cosma e Damiano, now the home of the tech start up facility Fabbrica H3 di SerenDPT.

MYrvoLD’s exhibition is in the restored main 300m2 space with 3 massive domes and 15 meters to the ceiling.RoundFlyer-BackRoundFlyer-FrontPiaMYrvoLD-LightHack-TimeMachine05PiaMYrvoLD-LightHack-TimeMachine04PiaMYrvoLD-LightHack-TimeMachine03PiaMYrvoLD-Performance-TimeMachine02PiaMYrvoLD-Performance-TimeMachine01

Pia MYrvoLD TIME MACHINE 7- 30 May 2019 Fabbrica H3 di SerenDPT Ex Chiesa SS Cosma e Damiano, Campo San Cosmo 624 30133 – Venezia

Extended Reality will be performed by Luka Vodopivec during the official  opening 7 May from 4 – 10 PM.

Subject to change: schedules of events and performances will be updated daily on


For more information contact:

MYworLD Studio Paris




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