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Virtual Residency in GlogauAIR Berlin April – June 2021 / Residency in TOU Ølhallene, Stavanger 1 March – 15 April

Pia MYrvoLD prepares a multimedia art production in the performance series The Sumerians on Holiday and The Sumerians Search Parties, with a virtual residency in GlogauAIR Berlin, and an on-site residency in TOU Ølhallene, Stavanger.

Pia MYrvoLD is back in her own home district, Stavanger, where she worked professionally as an artist from 1980 – 1992. While the pandemic has forced us out of our professional and private life patterns, artist Pia MYrvoLD has been in ‘exile’ from her permanent residence in the city of Paris, where there has been a lockdown for much of the past year and beyond in 2021. Several international and national exhibitions have been canceled for her in 2020 and 2021 and this puts art and the artist’s role in a new perspective. MYrvoLD finds freedom to explore and develop in the regional cultural life, with nature and fresh air as a partner and with the history and identity of the district as meaningful.

In collaboration with TOU, Ølhallene Stavanger, MYrvoLD will work with multimedia production for a 6 week period, as they are now empty after canceled events due to C19. The collaboration is shaped as a Residence program, where Pia MYrvoLD can use the entire room to set up installations in the #LightHackSculptures series as hybrid set designs for performance sequences. She will work with other artists, musicians, dancers, and other performers and technicians at TOU and the district, many of whom are unemployed as their own projects are canceled or postponed.

By inviting a diversity of creative people in the Stavanger district to be a part of the production, she hopes to inspire and share her own 40 years of experience with international art production, music and video production, new technology, art philosophy, media production, social media communication. The teams will work in small groups, side by side with Pia MYrvoLD in process, and learn in a holistic and interdisciplinary art production: The Sumerians on Holiday and The Sumerians Search Party 002.

In a kind of Zoom production, various actors will be involved in relation to infection control rules, individually or in small groups, for scenography/art installations and for live recording audio, photo and video, and VR documentation.

If possible, the public can be invited to an exhibition in the latter part of the period. If not, it is the outdoor performances that are shared as physical events with all recordings shared as a process in social media throughout the production time.

The title The Sumerians on Holiday refers to the culture and early manuscripts and images of the Sumerians, which historians estimate lived from 10,000 to 300,000 years ago.

Their manuscripts, written on 20,000 cones, describe stories of aliens visiting Earth and introducing advanced technology, cloning, and manipulation of DNA, many coincident events such as the origin of the Garden of Eden, known to most of us from biblical history. The Sumerians are credited with inventing the future, the model, and the aspects of all modern civilizations we are familiar with today.

MYrvoLD uses the reference in the Sumerian texts to compare with our modern world where we have made rapid technological advances in science, biotechnology, cybernetics, artificial intelligence A.I., and more advanced and ambitious space explorations. The original texts describe the dualism found in religion as well as in popular entertainment (Star War), theater, literature, films and series, and games; the struggle between freedom for man or systems where they are controlled and used as slaves.  

In MYrvoLD’s performance series, The Sumerians on Holiday takes the ancient futurists on holiday, and would like to learn more about the people, their art, music, fashion, creativity, and their relationship to nature, they will learn about the human expression and how we are concerned with aesthetics via areas such as magic and hair, fashion, motorcycles, cars, professional activity, construction and road development, machinery, gardening and fishing, farming and more.

From a local perspective, the performance series is linked to grassroots culture, with prehistoric and historical references from ancient monuments, buildings, objects, and site-specific references.

For the planned stage constructions, collaboration with several institutions, personalities, and social networks in the district is planned, and divided into indoor recordings where actors are invited individually or in small groups, or outdoors, at different locations in the district.

Since 2018, MYrvoLD has been developing history, with improvised performances in places around the world. The Sumerian Search Party Performance Series assimilates past events, characters, and history in art, music, architecture, and poetry.

The project The Sumerian Search Parties opens windows in unknown worlds for participants and spectators, with elements from role-playing, art history, literature, and music, each production is based on cross-reference information across genres and chronology, here MYrvoLD experiments with a new form, in an open and free space with opportunities for empathy, understanding, and new creativity and discovery.

Commissioned by The Sumerians on Holiday, The Search Parties has the task of investigating human artistic behavior. The visiting primitive futurists are already familiar with technology, robotics, and artificial intelligence, and now want to learn and understand pure human expression.

THEMES that will be updated in the planned performance series:
Archeology, local history stone, bronze, and iron age/                                               Afro-futurism and SUN RA MC culture/                                                                    MC motorcycles, clothes, hair, and tattoos/                                                              Fashion, hair, model – selfie, Instagram culture/                                                       Social sculpture, collective creativity, living community, environment, ecology/

Pia MYrvoLD + PARTNERS TOU, Stavanger GlogauAIR Residency, Berlin Sponsor for technical installation and live events; Conventor AS

Tou is an art, knowledge and resource arena, and one of Norway’s largest independent cultural institutions. It consists of several stages and production rooms, where several visual artists, musicians, filmmakers and organizations have their production and work on the house.

The TOU BeerHalls will be made available to MYrvoLD throughout the month of March and April.The series of rooms in the former beer brewery is perfect for recording visual scenes, and can be divided in multiple installations with #LightHackSculptures, video backdrop screens, photo, video and green screen footage.

The various directed recordings will take place with few actors, where social distance can also be maintained.

GlogauAIR is a non-profit organization founded in 2006 by the artist Chema  Alvargonzález with the intention to create a meeting point between artists from all  disciplines to work in collaboration, expanding their practice in terms of material, format,  and style. They offer 13 live/work studios in a historic building in Kreuzberg where artists  from around the world come together to explore and interface with the city of Berlin and  to work on creation, production, and exhibition.  


Tou’s Liverom

Work will also be done on audio and video recordings in Tou’s Liverom, which is adapted for professional audio recordings. Pia MYrvoLD will work with musicians and technicians associated the environment in the region.

A few scenes will be filmed in Scene 1, with the collaboration of the local dancer community around the Tou scene.

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